Board Certified Hypnotist Robert A. Bruckner, owner of Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling has found a special way to help children and teens eliminate anxious feelings and become more attentive, focused and confident students and teammates. This July, Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling launched The Major Mindset Academic Reset program that helps all students be at their best for the upcoming school year. Children and teens who have had academic or other challenges in previous school years may need to remove negative stains from their subconscious minds. Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling takes these bad feelings and thoughts away so that every child or teen gets a fresh start for the new school year. The academic reset program takes about 45-minutes and costs $249. It is a very special Academic Hypnosis program. Major Mindset Academic Tutoring or Hypno-Tutoring students receive a $50 discount. Learn more at or call Hypnotist Robert Bruckner at (973) 370-2100 for more information or to schedule an appointment.