Major Mindset Hypnosis, Fairfield, New Jersey has launched its new website

Learn about all the new hypnosis programs that can help transform your life exponentially.

Major Mindset Hypnosis now has a Streamlined Direct Suggestion Hypnosis program for Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation. Both these programs are the only hypnosis that come with a guarantee. Just think, you can lose weight or stop smoking in 3 special Major Mindset Hypnosis sessions.

The Stop Smoking PLUS program deals with all the cravings, urges and emotions that are sometimes associated with smoking cessation. It addresses the nicotine withdrawal through special coping mechanisms such as anchors and triggers.

There are now eight Major Mindset Hypnosis programs for weight loss. Three of the eight programs are special virtual gastric-band hypnotic weight loss surgery programs. This is the surgery that takes place in your mind, not your stomach. You can, in fact, eat whatever you want — no willpower is required.

Learn more about all the Major Mindset Hypnosis programs at or call Hypnotist Robert Bruckner at (973) 370-2100 for a free phone consultation.